Kim Beaudin: Taking a break from knocking wild rice

By Nick Vander Puy
Reserve, Wisconsin (IndianCountryTV)

Over the Labor Day weekend, my son Bart and I saw some friends ricing in the tall stalks on Totogatic Lake in northwestern Wisconsin. We figured they'd have some cookies and other treats, so we pulled along side to share some graham crackers and berries with Kim Beaudin, her five year old son Brady, and friend/auntie Sid Kellar.

It was Brady's first day ricing and he was handling some specially carved shorter ricing sticks (knockers.) He was also playing with the rice worms, trying to get out of his life jacket (to his mother's chagrin) and stocking up on the blackberries.

Geese were flying overhead.  And every once in awhile a rice hen (sora rail) would scitter ahead of the canoe.

There were several rigs parked at the landing and everybody coming in had a nice harvest of rice.

"What a beautiful day in the north woods!"

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